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 The 3rd edition of Maxi Race Madeira will take place in Seixal Village, part of Porto Moniz Municipality.

This year edition of Maxi Race Madeira will happen between the 4th and 5th of December 2021, in a unique forest: Laurissilva Forest (Declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO).

You will run at Porto Moniz, at the northeast of the island, a place to discover!

Seixal, a small village with unique landscapes, is the centre of this event. Located between cliffs and waterfalls, it is an excellent gateway to the mountains of Madeira.

Maxi Race Madeira follows the tradition of the Maxi Races worldwide: a call to travel, explore and discover beautiful landscapes and cultures through a popular event providing a personal challenge for everyone.



Maxi Race 15k map


D+ 1000
D- 1420



Maxi race 25k map


D+ 1870
D- 1870



Maxi race 55k map


D+ 3550
D- 3550



Maxi race 100k map


D+ 5890
D- 5890


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