Maxi Race Madeira is a Trail Running event to be held on the 5th and 6th of December 2020 in Madeira. This event is organized by Madeira Way in co-organization with Clube Naval do Seixal, and with the support of Porto Moniz Municipality.

Maxi Race Madeira will be mostly realized in Porto Moniz, in the Civil Parishes of Seixal. This event will be part of Madeira Trail Week that will take place between the 1st and 8th of December of 2020.

Maxi Race is a set of trail running adventure and it is present all over the world – France, China, Ecuador, South Africa, Italy and Portugal now integrates this circuit, with the Maxi Race Madeira.

The Maxi Race Madeira consists of four races of trail running with the following distances:

  • The ULTRA distance of 100km with 5890m positive and negative slope.
  • The LONG Trail 55km with 3550m of positive and negative slope.
  • The SHORTEST distance of 25km with 1870m of positive and negative slope.
  • The MINI distance of 15km with 1000m of positive slope and 1420 of negative slope.
100km 100 5890 5890 5 30 hours
55km 55 3550 3550 3 16 hours
25km 25 1870 1870 2 8 hours
15km 15 1000 1420 0 5 hours

The organization recalls that this is an event that will mostly take place in Laurel Forest and, as such, requires respect and care from all participants so that the impact on the environment is minimized.

The organization recalls that a trail running race has its risks, the athlete to register in Maxi Race Madeira, race that will take place on the north coast of Madeira in the days 5th and 6th December 2020, should be aware of these risks.



1)    Age of Participation

In the distance of 100km – The participants must have a minimum of 20 years. *

In the distance of 55km – The participants must have a minimum of 20 years *

In the distance of 25km – The participants must have a minimum of 20 years *

In the distance of 15km – The participants must have a minimum of 16 years **

The age limit for participating on Maxi Race Madeira is 75 years.

* To consider the date of December 1st, 2020.

* Underage athletes will have to provide parent authorization.

2)    Prerequisites for participation

It is essential that all athletes wishing to participate in the 100km have completed successfully at least two races of trail running with 42km.

It is essential that all athletes wishing to participate in the 55km have already completed at least one race of trail running with 42km.

In the distance of 25km it is important that all athletes have already made similar distances in trail running.

In the distance of 15km it is important that all athletes have already made similar distances in trail running.

3)    Physical and psychological conditions necessary for participation in the race

The organization alerts all participants to the importance of having the physical and psychological conditions for participation in Maxi Race Madeira.

The event is public and open to all who wish to participate (through with all the requirements of this Regulation), however the organization is not responsible for the lack of physical and psychological preparation of athletes for the challenge that they propose.

The organization recalls that participation should be consciously considered taking into account the following aspects:

  • Physical and psychological preparation of each participant;
  • Distances,
  • The gaps;
  • Temperature and weather conditions;
  • Type of terrain.

4)    External help

The organization reports that in aid stations, each participant may receive external help by a duly identified person, only in the aid stations were support is allowed.

Personal assistance will be limited to 100 meters around the support area / supply, on the places designated for that purpose.

Each participant may only have help from a person of your team properly identified.

5)    Dorsal / Bib

It must be used in the front and always visible. It is prohibited its use in backpacks.

The dorsal / bib data cannot be changed, altered or hidden.

Access the service stations, control and other spaces limited to athletes, will only be given to athletes wearing the dorsal / bib.

Failure to follow these rules will result in penalty as stated in the table of infringements.

6)    Sporting rules of conduct

The Maxi Race Madeira organizes this event with sporting spirit and fair play as well as the fulfilment and promotion of physical activity and respect for the environment. 

Will be considered misconduct and abuse of all sporting conduct and any athlete who:

  • Refer to offensive language towards another player or member of the organization or the public;
  • Resort to verbal or physical aggression during the event;
  • Lance, provoke or instigate agitation and alarm of matters relating to the event on social networks, blogs, and personal web pages, websites or media organization.

Penalties for breaking the sporting rules of conduct will be 3 levels:

1 – Warning;

2 – Disqualification and expulsion from the event to which referred to in this Regulation;

3 – Prohibition on participating in future events organized by this organization.

The athlete who incurs in this type of offense will be immediately informed verbally of the penalty and will later be notified via email of the decision.

THE RACES (100km / 55km / 25km / 15km)

All paths of Maxi Race Madeira will be on the north coast of the island particularly in Porto Moniz, more precisely in civil parishes of Seixal. Additionally, may be used trails in the adjacent municipalities in the administrative and geographical areas in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, Calheta and São Vicente.

7)    Limited number of participants

The event Race Maxi Madeira, are limited to a maximum number of runners per race, namely:

100km – 150 Athletes1,2

55km – 250 Athletes1,2

25km – 300 Athletes1,2

15km – 350 Athletes1,2

1The organization reserves the right to adjust the number of vacancies for each distance.

These are the number of vacancies initially foreseen that, at any time and according to the regulations in force, will be adjusted.

2The organization reserves the right to close the registration for any race or even the event at any time.

8)    ITRA certification

The tracks of the distances Maxi Race Madeira been duly certified by ITRA, having been assigned the following points (for each distance)

100km – 5 points

55km – 3 points

25Km – 2 points

15km – 0 points

9)    Day, hour and departures sites of each of the distances:

100km – Departure on Saturday 5th of December at 00:00h, in Clube Naval do Seixal;

55km – Departure on Saturday 5th of December at 06:00h, in Clube Naval do Seixal;

25Km – Departure on Saturday 5th of December at 10:00h, in Clube Naval do Seixal;

15Km – Departure on Saturday 5th of December at 12:00h, in Chão da Ribeira.

100km 100 5890 5890 5 30 hours
55km 55 3550 3550 3 16 hours
25km 25 1870 1870 2 8 hours
15km 15 1000 1420 0 5 hours

10) Maps / GPX File / Profile Altimetry

the maps of the routes can be found as well as GPX files from various distances and altitude profiles the following locations:

  • In the event’s official website (version shall always prevail over other sources):;

You can view and download the GPX also on the website


11) Checkpoints

The time control will be made using a present timing system in addition to the departure and arrival of the various races, in the various checkpoints marked on the supply station table, identified as CP or PC (Portuguese).

An electronic control system times will be used. The breastplate of participants includes a chip, which enables the registration of the passage of the athlete. It may additionally be provided that a label is placed in the bag in the participant’s equipment.

In addition to the existing electronic control at supply stations, it also exists a manual control passing registration in control stations and in some strategic points of the route.

Participants who are not present within 15 minutes after the start, will be prevented from leaving and will not be officially part of the race.

12) Aid Stations (and control)

The aid stations will be properly identified and flagged.

Each athlete may be assisted by a member duly identified with the credential of personal assistance.

No personal assistance is allowed to 25km and 15km runners.   

100 KM – Aid Stations (and Check Points) – Personal Assistance ONLY Allowed in the AID STATION – PICO DA URZE.

Track 100k

55 KM – Aid Stations (and Check Points) – Personal Assistance ONLY Allowed in the AID STATION – PICO DA URZE.

Track 55k

25 KM – Aid Stations (and Check Points) – No Personal Assistance Allowed

Track 25k

15 KM – Aid Stations (and Check Points) – No Personal Assistance Allowed

Track 15k

13) Mandatory Gear

ITEM 100Km 55Km 25Km 15Km
Pectoral (supplied by the organization) – The athlete must ensure that it is visible throughout the race X X X X
Identification Card with photo X X X X
Rucksack or similar equipment X X X X
Water tank or equivalent with a minimum of 1 liter of capacity X X X X
Extra power X X X X
Whistle X X X X
Thermal blanket (min. 100×200 cm) X X X X
Elastic band or bandage (min. 100×6 cm) X X X X
Raincoat X X X X
Trousers X      
Mobile phone operating (ON) X X X X
Cup X X X X
Recipient for solid food (hot or cold) X X    
2 Flashlights / Front, with extra batteries or battery (back up) X      
1 Flashlight / Front, with extra batteries or battery (back up)   X X X
Red light – blinking – to be used throughout the night or in poor visibility conditions. X X    
Safety Face Mask X X X X
Port-waste, integrated or not in the backpack        
Change of clothes        
Amount in cash (to cover any unforeseen)        

All members of the organization properly identified, as well as post heads and the Race Direction are responsible for enforcing the current regulations and will act accordingly, applying the sanctions and penalties provided for.

14) Offenses / penalties on compulsory equipment

Not assist a participant who is in need of help Decommissioning and Referencing  
Abandon the race without informing the organization Decommissioning and Referencing  
Partition the chest with another person during part or all of the route Decommissioning and Referencing  
Using paths not flagged in race, the alternative route intentionally. Decommissioning and Referencing  
Unauthorized use (ride) Transportation Decommissioning and Referencing  
Disrespect to the organization or other participants (assault or insult) Decommissioning and Referencing  
Remove signalling pathway Decommissioning and Referencing  
Doping Decommissioning and Referencing  
To disregard the safety measures and information conveyed by the organization. Disqualification  
Refuses to comply with the ratings / medical tests (If they are requested) Disqualification  
Reject the submission of the required materials when requested by the organization. Disqualification  
Do not have the required equipment provided for the distance part: chest; rucksack or similar equipment; water tank or equivalent of 1 liter of capacity at the minimum; recipient for solid food (hot or cold); Thermal blanket (min 100 x 200 cm.); whistle; raincoat; operating the mobile flashlight / front with batteries (or battery) replacement. Disqualification  
Controlling the checkpoints after the time set as time barrier Disqualification  
Fail one or more checkpoints Disqualification  
chip loss and / or the label attached to the backpack Disqualification  
Ask for help without grounded Disqualification  
Be accompanied animals Disqualification  
Do not use the safety safe mask as stated in the present document Disqualification  
Taking trash to the ground and / or damage to the surrounding environment Disqualification  
Access or abandon bats anywhere in the path between the start and finish. Disqualification  
Do not have the following required materials: have only one flashlight / front; band or elastic bandage (6 min x 100 cm.); power reserve; glass and red back light (flasher). Penalty of 1 hour per item missing  
Use paths that do not flagged for proof provided they do not pose unintended shortcuts. Penalty of 1 hour  
Receive foreign aid outside the areas defined by the organization. Penalty 30 minutes  
Be accompanied by persons not accredited by the organization, except for the areas defined by the organization. Penalty of 1 hour  
Modify, bend or hide the advertising material Penalty of 1 hour  
Flashlight / Front and / or back light erased overnight. Penalty of 1 hour  
Bib not Visible Penalty 15 minutes  


15) Crossings of roads and road traffic

The various races of the Maxi Race Madeira lead athletes to make several passages and crossings on local and regional roads.

The athlete will have the responsibility to respect the rules of road traffic, as well as all associated care.

16) Organization’s responsibilities to athletes

Registered participants agree to participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the competition. Consequently, agree not complain or make any demands to the organization, its employees, the authorities, their sponsors and other participants from any liability to them and their heirs, in all that exceeds the coverage of its liabilities, of its employees and participants.

17) Sports Insurance

All athletes are covered with a sports insurance policy exclusively contracted for the event.

The organizer takes out a liability insurance and personal accident insurance for the duration of the event. This insurance guarantees the minimum cover its responsibilities, its employees and participants.

In case of accident, the athlete or injured, you should first contact the organization, which will provide your referral to the most appropriate medical institution to your health, along with the form of a claim of involvement with the respective number the policy, stamped and signed by the organization (the policyholder).

Given the urgency and / or severity of some accidents, it becomes impossible to effect filling the participation in the sinister act. In these situations, the participation of the claim will be formalized after made the rescue the injured.

The organization shall have a period of eight days after the accident occurred, to proceed with the insurer for the participation of occurrence.

After the abovementioned period the insurer reserves the right not to accept such participation.

All expenses related to the claim should be settled by the respective previously injured and later sent the documents and invoices to the insurance company for reimbursement later.

The injured person will be reimbursed by the insurer under the insurance coverage, only and only in the case of insurance claim has been duly formalized and accepted by the insurer.

The organization does not assume claims expenses, which was not aware in time for the safe activation.

The coverage and deductibles of Personal Accident Insurance (the margin call will be available) during the month November and prior to the Maxi Race Madeira.

  • Death by Accident:
  • Permanent Disability by Accident:
  • Treatment Expenses Accident:
  • Funeral expenses:
  • Expenses c / rescue operations, search, victim transport:
  • Age Limit:

Expenses, whose valueswill exceed the above covers, should be solely borne by the victim. The organization accepts no responsibility in this matter.

18) Duly formalized and regularized inscriptions

It is understood by subscription regularized all entries have been duly made in the online form on the official website ( And also paid via the payment methods available in that site.

Each and every athlete who has duly made their registration regularized and the corresponding payment will receive an organization’s email confirming your successful registration.

If the athlete has not received confirmation / notification of your registration via email after payment of registration, should contact the organization.

The athlete can only participate in the race after the registration, payment and delivery of the liability waiver. The liability waiver will be available online and it should be delivered to the organization duly completed and signed by the athlete, to [email protected] .

The athlete is solely responsible for recording the data necessary to formalize your registration.

The organization is not responsible for incorrect filling in the registration form, as well as the accuracy of the data submitted by the athletes before the insurers or with other entities.

Will be available as a means of payment Credit Card or ATM;

Registration website

Contact over email [email protected]


19) Values and periods of registration*

  Value (€)
100km 110€
55km 65€
25km 35€
15km 20€


*The organization reserves the right to establish specific campaigns, promotions or collaborations, to the values indicated above.

AARAM and ATRP members can enjoy a discount.

Deadline for registration: November 8, 2020.

We recall that the Maxi Race Madeira Organization reserves the right to close the registrations to any race or even the event at any time.

20) What is included in the registration?

  • Dorsal / Bib + Chip;
  • Bag for change of clothes and arrival (in the distance of 100 km only);
  • Safety face mask;
  • Participation in the event in the athlete’s quality;
  • Access to liquid and solid supplies provided by the organization, as established in this document;
  • Medical assistance during the event (Located on supplies and arrival);
  • Transport in case of withdrawal, disqualification or prevented from continuing by the organization, from the filling station until the arrival;
  • Souvenir or Finisher Medal (If concluded the event);
  • Digital certificate of participation, to be later made available on the official website of the event. (If the event is concluded).

21) Extra services

The organization reserves the right to provide extra services for athletes and companions, whose monetary value will be disclosed in due course.

22) Cancellation, change or change that subscription / test.

  • Each and every athlete can cancel the subscription within 45 days prior to the event being entitled to 50% of the refund.
  • A change in the distance can be made, making the payment of the respective sets of value if it is the case.
  • No refunds will be made in cases of change of proof.
  • All applications for registration of changes should be formalized by email.
  • Registration can be transferred to other athletes in cases of force majeure and respective documents of support.
  • In the case of transfer of subscription young athlete will have to make their own application and if any difference in value, must be paid these amounts. (Respecting the deadline for changes).
  • All the test changes can only take place up to 20 days prior to the event.
  • Any athlete can cancel at any time to be registered.
  • When making the cancellation of registration, the athlete will not be entitled to the kit of participation.

23) Secretariat and Check-in

The location and exact time of check-will be disclosed in time, by the organization.

To perform the check in each athlete must submit:

  • Photo ID document;
  • The completed and signed liability waiver previously sent to [email protected];
  • Comply with all the requirements demanded by IASaúde regarding the prevention of COVID-19.
  • Travelling to Madeira and Porto Santo (Rules):
  • If the athlete has travelled outside the region, or are a non-resident, must submit a negative test to COVID-19.

The check-in may be made by a representant of the athlete, provided that:

  • The athlete’s identification with photograph (BI, CC / Passport) is presented – copies of identification documents will not be accepted;
  • The waiver of liability has been sent duly completed and signed by the athlete to [email protected];
  • The athlete must comply with all the requirements demanded by IASaúde regarding the prevention of COVID-19 (;
  • If the athlete has travelled outside the region, or are a non-resident, he/she must submit a negative test to COVID-19.

24) Age Groups (Categories) and Awards

Maxi Race Madeira
Men’s Women’s
Under 23 – Between 20 and 22 years Under 23 – Between 20 and 22 years
Senior – Between 23 and 39 years Senior – Between 23 and 39 years
Veterans – M40 – Between 40 and 44 years Veterans – F40 – Between 40 and 44 years
Veterans – M45 – Between 45 and 49 years Veterans – F45- Between 45 and 49 years
Veterans – M50 – Between 50 and 54 years Veterans – F50 – Between 50 and 54 years
Veterans – M55- Between 55 and 59 years Veterans – F55 – Between 55 and 59 years
Veterans – M60 – From 60 years Veterans – F60 – From 60 years
 100 km Men’s Women’s
General Trophy/Medals to the first 3
55 KM Men’s Women’s
General Trophy/Medals to the first 3
25 KM Men’s Women’s
General Trophy/Medals to the first 3
15 KM Men’s Women’s
General Trophy/Medals to the first 3
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each race (male and female). The prizes will be awarded half an hour after the arrival of the 3rd
  • The organization reserves the right not to hold the Award Ceremony;
  • The organization reserves the right to request additional information and elements to any of the participants in order to ascertain the fitness of any of the athletes to any of the distances from Maxi Race Madeira;
  • The organization reserves the right to delete any of the participants to the clarifications that are requested are not remitted;
  • Complaints can only be formalized until 30 minutes after the arrival time of the last athlete of the respective race, or time limit for arrival of the race, whichever occurs first;
  • Any and all claims will not be accepted or considered after the stipulated in the preceding paragraph;
  • Complaints are formalized in the race office in printed form, being considered only upon payment of 50 euros (non-refundable).

25) Upon your registration implies that every athlete:

  • To carry their registration in Maxi Race Madeira, competition that will take place in the days 6th and 5th of December of 2020, declares to be aware of the risks they run;
  • Agree to comply with this Regulation;
  • You agree to respect all elements of the organization and its indications;
  • States meet all requirements and requirements requested to participate in the Maxi Race Madeira;
  • Commits to promoting ethics and good relations not only with other athletes but also with all participants in the event;
  • States respect the indications of their medical teams and emergency, and of the members of the organization. In case of non-compliance will be under their sole responsibility and the consequences of such disrespect;
  • Agrees to be excluded from this event or banned from any future event organized by this organization without any refund or compensation in the case of disrespect in public or private to participants or organization or partners;
  • After effected and regularized the registration cannot challenge this Regulation.

26) Preventive Measures – COVID-19

In view of the current situation due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the Maxi Race Madeira 2020 event will have the appropriate limitations and precautions imposed by the competent authorities at the time of the race.

Therefore, during the race there will be contingency measures imposed in order to safeguard the health and safety of all athletes, members of the organization and spectators. All measures listed below may be subject to change by the Organization, in order to meet the stipulated for the health authorities. The above mentioned measures are the following:

  1. Everyone involved in the race, athletes, coaches, and the organization must maintain personal hygiene appropriate to the current situation, namely frequent and thorough hand hygiene and compliance with the respiratory etiquette;
  2. People diagnosed with COVID-19, even if asymptomatic, cannot compete without the necessary medical discharge presented in the secretariat until the closing time of the same;
  3. The organization reserves the right to request the completion of an epidemiological survey to all athletes;
  4. Non-resident athletes, or residents who have travelled outside the region in the days prior to the race will have to:
  5. Fill out the Madeira Safe questionnaire (;
  6. Present a negative test for COVID-19 at check-in without which they will be prevented from entering the race. The test can be performed in the country of origin up to 72 hours before travelling, or when entering the region at Madeira’s airport. If, when entering the region, the test to COVID-19 is positive, participation in the race will be prevented and the organization is not responsible for charges that the athlete may have and there will be no refund[1];
  7. Mandatory use of face mask at check-in/secretariat
  8. The organization reserves the right to make the use of a mask mandatory in all spaces of the event, open or closed.
  9. Mandatory use of face mask at the start of the races (the mask can be removed after 200 meters from the start);
  10. Before the race, the athletes’ temperature will be monitored. Athletes with a temperature above 38ºC will be prevented from performing the race. It is also advisable that all athletes do this check before starting the warm-up;
  11. The departures will be held in stages and with a distance of 2m between each athlete. The athletes will be ranked according to the following criteria: 1st ITRA ranking, 2nd AARAM ranking, 3rd registration order;
  12. During the race, the physical distance between athletes, coaches, spectators may be 1 meter, but whenever possible and without prejudice to the safety of all involved, with 2 meters distance;
  13. The 15km and 25km events must be carried out in self-sufficiency;
  14. In the 100km and 55km events there will be a station of solids, liquids and a medical post in the middle of the races;
  15. The number of food stations can be changed by the organization at any moment;
  16. At the food stations, the athletes will have to put on the mask. In a first moment, the athletes enter the food delivery area. After having their supply given by a member of the organization, the athletes will be directed to the eating area;
  17. Athletes who opt for personal assistance, do not need to enter the food delivery area and can go directly to the personal assistance area;
  18. The sharing of sports materials and equipment, as well as materials for personal use, and liquid or solid food products will not be allowed;
  19. In case the race or races are cancelled for 2020 due to Covid19 all athletes will have the chance to choose to maintain the registration for the equivalent race for 2021 or to be reimbursed in the following terms:
  • 50% of the value of the registration, if the cancelation occurs less than 30 days before the event.
  • 60% of the value of the registration, if the cancelation occurs between 60 and 30 days before the event.
  • 75% of the value of the registration, if the cancelation occurs more than 60 days before the event.

27) Maxi Race Madeira 2020 Organization Commitments

  • Additional signs will be placed in strategic locations to comply with the basic safety rules and whenever necessary, athletes will be alerted to their compliance by the Maxi Race Madeira team;
  • The Maxi Race Madeira team involved throughout the race will have personal protective equipment appropriate to their role;
  • Cleaning and disinfection measures for common spaces and equipment will be adopted depending on the frequency of use and whenever necessary.

28) Data Protection

  • The organization will use the data of athletes / participants for the completion of the event itself at various times and before third parties which we list:
  • Insurer (s) – Save with name, DOB, no identification document CC and / or NIF.
  • Publication listings Subscribers (official website) – Name, Dorsal (assigned by the organization).
  • The following entities will be sent the data of all athletes who have completed the various tests and have been classified for the purposes of classification, statistics and evaluation of the event:
    • ITRA – International Trail-Running Association
    • ATRP – Trail Running Association Portugal
    • AARAM – Athletics Association of Madeira
  • Will be submitted to the entities mentioned above, the following information: full name, nationality, identification No (CC or NIF) conducted test time and test performed.
  • Any athlete can exercise their right of access, rectification or cancellation of your personal data by sending an email to [email protected]
  • They may also be disclosed data such as name, nationality, club and classifications (history) of athletes / participants, under news, ratings and disclosure in the social and media networks.
  • They may also be disclosed with health and safety public entities.

29) Image Rights

  • The participant resignation of his image rights during the course of the event, and also waiving the right to claim the use of their image or by the organization by the official partners of the event. Only the organization can move this image right to Media via an accreditation or adapted license.
  • The organizer reserves the exclusive right of exploitation of the image Maxi Race Madeira and photographic and audiovisual journalistic event. Any design or advertising media produced for publication must obtain the prior authorization of the organization.
  • Only the organization can grant accreditation to journalists, photographers and audiovisual, to access restricted sites.
  • You must use the technical and advertising material provided by the organization, it is explicitly prohibited from modifying, bending or hide the advertising material that you do will be penalty target.

30) Final dispositions

  • The organization of Maxi Race Madeira 2020 reserves the right to:
  • Modify the route and location of the control / supply posts without prior notice;
  • Delay or cancel the start of a race in the event of adverse weather conditions that the organization considers jeopardizing to the safety of athletes and members of the organization. There will be no right to a refund;
  • Change time barriers, reduce, suspend or stop a race for safety reasons, in situations of adverse weather conditions.
  • The organization of Maxi Race Madeira 2020 also reserves the right to change the conditions set out in this regulation at any time and without prior notice. The enrolment in the race implies acceptance of the regulation.


Organization Contacts

Official contacts Maxi Race Madeira

[email protected]


Seixal, 27th of July of 2020

[1] The results of tests on COVID-19 carried out at Madeira Airport can take up to 12 hours. The athlete must keep this information in mind when buying the passage to Madeira.

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